Snapper Time - May Fishing Report

May is a great month to stat for them Mangrove snappers in the
Tampa bay. It’s time to pull out them 3⁄4 oz Mission fishing jig heads and
some 20lb fluorocarbon leader. Grab about 10doz shrimp from Mitch’s
bait and tackle. Try finding a nice rock pile or fish around the Skyway
Bridge there’s lots of places around there. By hooking the shrimp in
the head it seem to attract them more. I like a nice flowing current
when fishing for these guys.

If you really want to get them going buy a chum block and cage to drop it down to the bottom that right there will get them chewing faster. I like to stick with a smaller reel like a 3000 size one and a Custom kris Green rod. When fishing for these mangrove snappers free line one of them shrimps with a heavier leader and a 3/0 hook you hook up on a Spanish mackerel.

They taste so good right off the smoker. I’m pretty sure that you will catch other fish to. We have caught shook also fishing for mangrove snappers using this method. If you would like to take a fishing charter with us save 20% off for May just mention this fishing report. Now its time to take these tips and get out there and fish! What makes our charter service unique is that we cater to disabled veterans and wheel chair bound clients! Our boat is able to accommodate wheelchairs and is ADA compliant. IF YOU’RE A DISABLED VETERAN

This is our way we give back to our veterans.
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Capt. Anthony Corcella
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