Kris Greene September Fishing Report

Ever since the ban on snook, trout, and redfish, I've switched to the freshwater side of things. I've been hitting the Lake Manatee Reservoir several times in the last month, and the carpe bite is still quite good; yeilding five to ten crappie over a 3-4 hour trip. The color of jigs we troll varies from day to day, but brown, chartreuse, and pearl are a good color to have on stand by. The catfish bite is as good as it gets! I would recommend trolling a little closer to the bottom, and you should be able to pick up a couple in a day with sizes up to 13 lbs at 32" long. The morning bite seems to be the best time to go; I would say between 7:30 and noon. I've tried the evening bite and it is only alright. Stick with the lightweight crappie rods and six-pound mono, thats what has worked best for me! That's it from me catch you on the flip! .